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Hydrographics Printing World Wide Service




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Hydrographics Printing World Wide Service

1000mm x 500mm Full colour print

We provide a word wide Hydrographics Digital Printing Service using OEM Hydrographics transparent media.

The service will provide quality printing using your graphics file in full colour printed in 1 meter length x 50 cm Wide Hydrographics Media.

Also we provide 1000mm x 1000mm width media in continues print if requested. (conditions apply)

We are able to print continues lengths with seamless graphics format if the file provided is supported or we can provide a graphics service as additional service at request to assist with any extra work needed.

We will provide a secure file transfer for your file to be transfer to us over the web including support for the file requirements.

Our quality inks have the highest UV unsealed resistance capabilities up to 5 years protection. We recommend a high quality 2k automotive or marine top coat clear to protect the image for longer periods when exposed to the weather.


File requirements:

Your file must be supplied in a graphics quality printable file format:

JPG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, EPS GIF, with maximum 300 DPI quality.

Time required: 3 days to complete 


For all International customers please contact our office for delivery charges to your country

We can recommend our HCA activator to be used for best image transfer.


Larger format media up to 1000mm wide is also available on request.


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